Pathfinders (10-15 years)

Pathfinders (10-15 years)

 From mountain top treks to white water rafting, exploring the stars or baking damper, Pathfinders provide safe and engaging activity-based clubs to nurture, develop and challenge teenagers as they develop resilience, teamwork and faith.


Pathfinders is a church-centered spiritual recreational program designed for young people in grades 5 – 10 (and above) that promotes conduct informed by Christian principles.  The purpose of Pathfindering is to encourage the spiritual, physical, mental and social development of young people.  Members are encouraged to use Christian principles to inform their daily practice and their interaction and relationship with others.  This is encouraged by the example and guidance of dedicated men and women who help the Pathfinder members in the fulfilment of the Pathfinder Pledge and Law so they become constructive and responsible citizens.

2021 Pathfinder Calendar

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